Successful extraction of a large stone for a 55-year-old patient

Kuwait City, Oct 9: The consultant of skull, face and jaw surgeries at the Amiri Dental Center, Dr. Muhammad Al-Masry, announced the extraction of a 6 cm long stone and weighing 74 grams, which was performed by the department for a 55-year-old patient, indicating that it is a rare case. Reported by Al-Rai.

He added that this stone extracted from the patient is larger than the size of the stones recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The largest stone recorded in the Guinness Book of Records weighed 50 grams, and its length was 6 cm. In our case, it weighed 74 grams and was 6 cm long.

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Al-Masry explained that the story began when a 55-year-old patient with diabetes came and had inflammation of the salivary gland under the jaw from the right side. Within two hours due to the large size, as well as the extraction of the salivary gland under the jaw, indicating that the patient was discharged after three days and is currently reviewing us constantly.

Regarding the causes of stones in the salivary glands, Al-Masry stressed that they arise from a lack of drinking water, especially with high temperatures, and sometimes arise from simple inflammation and then certain salts are deposited, and the stone is formed, adding that cases of gallstones in the salivary gland are widespread, but the sizes are not that large.

Al-Masry noted that this type of stone is widespread in Kuwait as a result of the hot weather, and as a result of not drinking enough water, especially people who work in open places.


He pointed out that the incidence in young children is simple, but the numbers in adults are present and may be from 20 to 30 cases per year, and these stones are present in men and women of different ages.

Al-Masry concluded by saying that there is a great development in the department and work in it now, and of course, during Corona, the work was a little halted, and the operations were limited, but now the work is back in full swing.


Adil Khan

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