Did you know As time goes on, the mysteries of a few men seem to be shrinking? If this continues, by 2045, men will be producing the sperm needed for procreation. Do you know the reason for this?

When it comes to puberty, it is called ‘Size Does Matter. In addition, there is a lot of discussion about penis size on social media such as Twitter. Some say it doesn’t work with size. Some say it should be the right size. 

However, large? Small? Putting things aside, in the future, men will not have any limbs left? Or is now questionable. 


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Because over time, the size of the penis of men also gradually decreases. Not being trustworthy? However, you need to know about this latest study.

In the book ‘Countdown’ written by ecologist Dr. Shanna Swan, it is clear about the problems that men will face in the future. He said that human beings are facing an ‘existential crisis’ in terms of offspring. He said the crisis was caused by a gradual decline in penis size and problems with sperm production. He made it clear that this was due to the mistakes of today’s human beings.


Pollution is the villain: Decreased fertility in men… Decreased penis size is considered to be on the verge of extinction of the human race. Pollution is the villain, she said. Phthalate, a chemical used in the manufacture of plastic products, is said to affect the endocrine system, which produces hormones. The number of children born with small limbs is gradually increasing due to this pollution.

The research went like this: Dr. Shanna did a lot of research on rats to learn about Thalet Syndrome. It has been found that the genitals of the unborn baby shrink when the fetus is exposed to the chemical phthalate. This problem mainly occurs when the male child is growing in the womb. That is used to keep the plastic flexible, which is also accessible to children through toys and objects.

This chemical mimics a hormone called estrogen. The result is an effect on the hormones that are naturally produced in the body. Already many men are experiencing fertility problems. They are worried that if the situation continues like this, by the year 2045, men will not even be able to produce the sperm needed for procreation. So, for plastic items, it is best to stay away from air pollution.


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