Omicron infected peope may face Hair loss problems
Image Credit: Al-Rai

Kuwait News, Jan 15: While the “Omicron” variable causes record increases in cases of infection with the emerging “Corona” virus, the latest scientific evidence indicates that it is less likely to cause severe disease cases.

Hair loss problems

According to the researchers’ reports, the symptoms of the “Omicron” mutant include night sweats, sore throat and muscle pain, but in the months following infection, it can cause changes in the scalp, as the infection of “Omicron” has been linked to hair loss on the head.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair loss is a common symptom after infection with “Covid 19” because hair follicles weaken after the patient is exposed to a high temperature, which is a complication that occurs naturally after a fever.


However, recent reports indicate that hair loss may occur, near the end of the disease, with an infection of the “Omicron” variant, at rates greater than the normal complications.

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