Omicron does not cause serious symptoms even unvaccinated

A study conducted in South Africa revealed that people with the Omicron mutant who did not receive any vaccine may be less likely to develop serious symptoms, hospitalization or death compared to previous strains of the Corona virus, according to Reuters.

The study, by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in the Western Cape, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, compared about 11,600 patients from the first three waves of the pandemic with about 5,100 infected with Omicron.

Omicron causes less severe symptoms and fewer global deaths than previous strains. [Read Also: Omicron infected peope may face Hair loss problems]


Scientists are trying to find out whether the reason for this is the high rates of immunity resulting from vaccination, previous infection with the virus, or as a result of the weakness of the new mutant.

The study concluded that the reduced risk of severe symptoms was attributed to the characteristics of the omicron itself.


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