Minister of Health: The Corona pandemic will not end… and it will remain with us until Judgment Day

The Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, said during his intervention in the National Assembly session today: “The Corona pandemic will not end and it will remain with us until Judgment Day,” adding: “The only way to protect it from it is immunization.”

Dr. Basil Al-Sabah added, “All children will not be able to receive the vaccine, and other groups will not take it as well, but some measures will limit its spread.”

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He added: “(A word that there is confusion in the decisions that we take) I hear it a lot, but you remind me that I made an incorrect decision once,” adding: “All the decisions that were taken are correct according to the evidence of the spread of the epidemic,” explaining that “commercial activities are not us.

The reason for its closure, but is a recommendation from the World Health Organization. He added, “We may have to close and completely ban the spread of new strains of Corona.”

Regarding what is being raised regarding the transmission of Corona infection of certain nationalities, Minister Basil Al-Sabah explained: “It is not true, as 60% of the infected people are Kuwaitis.” He added: “Most of the infected persons are between the ages of 18 and 40 years, and the decision to reduce the periods of activities is to reduce the period of contact between people.”


Source: Al-Qabas


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