Kuwait starts the third dose of vaccine at the end of September

Kuwait News Update, Aug 30: According to local media the end of September 2021, the Ministry of Health will start sending messages to the group who deserve to be vaccinated with the third “stimulant” dose. Reported by Al-Qabas.

Government sources revealed that the target group to receive this dose first is the elderly, organ transplants, cancer patients, and those with chronic diseases, after which messages will be sent to all groups, indicating that they will be optional at the present time.

And the sources announced that all exceptions to the decisions of the Council of Ministers related to the Corona pandemic will be through the application of “immunity” within two days, in order to prevent any manipulation or fraud.


Regarding the vaccination rate for children between 12 and 15 years before the start of the school year next October, the sources indicated that the vaccination rate exceeded two-thirds of the number of this target group, which is estimated at 300,000 students.

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The sources stressed the need for parents or the elderly who refuse to be vaccinated, to hurry up to take the vaccine because the “Corona” infection can reach them while they are in their homes through their students, which means that caution is required and obligatory.


The sources concluded that the number of those receiving the second dose of the vaccine is about 80,000 per day, and on September 15 we will reach a larger number and a higher percentage.

Adil Khan

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