Kuwait is the third in the Gulf region in the deaths of Corona

Kuwait City, April 25: While the Ministry of Health renewed the warning against contact and neglecting the preventive requirements, it confirmed that efforts are continuing to accelerate the pace of vaccinations and coordinate with international companies to follow up on developments in vaccination adoption.

Health officials stressed the need to continue to follow health requirements by all segments of society, especially those who received two doses of approved vaccines in the country, noting that the infection and death rates during the current month call for more precautionary measures aimed at avoiding catching infection and the outbreak of the Corona virus. wide range.

The sources added to Al-Qabas that the current epidemic wave is considered the most severe in most countries of the world, with the exception of countries that have achieved advanced rates of vaccinations for their population, indicating that the Gulf Cooperation Council countries recorded about 832 deaths as a result of complications of Covid 19, during the period from 1 to 23 this month, This reflects the increasing death rates during the current time, compared to previous months.


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The sources stated that Kuwait came in third place in the Gulf region in the deaths of “Corona” during the first 23 days of this April with 183 cases, and it was preceded by the Sultanate of Oman and came first with 261 cases, Saudi Arabia came second with 202 cases, Qatar ranked fourth with 118 cases, and Bahrain ranked fifth with 96, And finally the UAE with 68 deaths.

Corona deaths in the Gulf during the first 23 days of this April


261 Sultanate of Oman

202 Saudi Arabia

183 Kuwait


118 Qatar

96 Bahrain

68 Emirates


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