I swear by God, hurry up.. !! And don’t forget the arrivals.

Kuwait News, March 18: I met in the elevator of the hotel a middle-aged woman and asked me to accompany her to her destination on one of the upper floors of the hotel.

Qaim and life are running at half its capacity, and she said “Don’t you know that half of the Kuwaiti people are now in their homes either with the excuse of reducing work hours or being completely exempt and that they have time to attend daytime weddings that have not stopped attend diwaniyas or gather with friends and this is why the number of infection increases and is crowded.

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Intensive care rooms and death numbers rise. Do not you follow the rates of refusal to take the vaccine, either for fear of complications or because some people want to prolong the period of paid vacations.

”I was pained by what I heard from them and what I heard from many others. And I suffered for people who did not feel the danger of the situation and did not know the consequences of the worsening of the epidemic so that they know how painful it is to lose a loved one in the glory of youth or for children to be orphaned and families displaced because of this dreaded epidemic.

God does not see you that day and protect us and you. I wish they knew what this caused Being disconnected from normal life is psychological problems especially for our children who are attached to their devices and have increased their estrangement from their surroundings, their sciences, and schools.


And do they know how doctors and medical staff spend their time and are deprived of their loved ones while they are facing death at every moment?

It is a great sin for us to slacken or be negligent in taking the vaccine or to distance ourselves in these difficult times, and it is a great responsibility that requires officials not to be complacent and take serious steps to raise awareness of the need for vaccination, as well as to take firm measures to exempt or reduce the workload by adopting reports of medical committees and not with a doctor’s prescription one or allegation of disease.

The matter must also be left to the person to choose between vaccination and adherence to the working times and method specified by the employer, or the extension of the exemption with an appropriate reduction of the salary to ensure justice between those who commit and work, and those who disagree or evade responsibility.


A final word in the ears of officials to hasten to give the vaccine to the expatriate brothers who bear the burden of performing work in many locations, and they share with us the continuation of life in a country that is eager to return to normal life, and what this entails in terms of taking matters seriously and immunizing everyone, citizens and expatriates, against this epidemic May God grant us all an urgent salvation from this crisis.

May God protect you, my country

“Matters are given to opinion-makers if they are correct.” An eloquent verse in which the founder of democracy inaugurated the National Assembly on 1/29/1963 and yesterday embodied the lofty directive from the political leadership to withdraw all communications submitted to the prosecution against parliamentary assemblies, in order to defuse the crisis that erupted its head, and out of respect National symbols that sought to reform the march and preserve the legacy of the democratic homeland .. May God protect you, my homeland, and protect your people and your leadership.


Dr. Moudi Abdulaziz Al-Homoud

Adil Khan

Adil Khan writes about Kuwait National News for Mykuwaits, out of Kuwait. Adil Khan is a senior reporter for Mykuwaits.com and has frequently written about the latest developments in the State of Kuwait. Adil Khan is available on Facebook at the below link, Please send in your leads and tips.
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