Health situation in Kuwait is stable and intensive care is free of Corona patients

Kuwait City, Nov 28: The Council of Ministers held an extraordinary meeting this afternoon, at Bayan Palace, headed by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, Prime Minister, where the Council listened to an explanation given by the Minister of Health on the developments in the global epidemiological situation, especially after the emergence of a new mutated strain of the Corona virus (Omicron) in the Republic of South Africa and other countries.

The Minister of Health reassured the Council of the stability of the health situation in the State of Kuwait and the absence of intensive care from Corona patients.

The Council also took note of the importance of taking preventive and precautionary measures for those coming to the State of Kuwait from some countries, in order to maintain positive indicators in this regard. [Read More: New details in the crime of the Salmiya girl]


While the Council of Ministers expressed its satisfaction with the continued stability of the health situation in the country, it calls on all citizens and residents not to be lenient in implementing health requirements, especially wearing a mask, stressing the importance of obtaining the third booster dose of the vaccine to protect against virus mutants in order to preserve health. The individual and society, asking God Almighty for safety for all and to protect Kuwait and those who live on its land and the whole world from all evil.

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