Health officials: 67% of those infected with Corona are Kuwaitis

Kuwait City, March 19: After 11 days of implementing the partial ban in the country Corona numbers continued to rise, recording 14,245 infections, 74 deaths, and 51 admissions from March 7 to March 17.

While the competent teams at the Ministry of Health are preparing to complete their final report on developments in the epidemiological situation and assessing the ban and the spread of the virus, in preparation for submitting it to the Corona Emergency Ministerial Committee.

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Health officials revealed that infections among Kuwaitis have increased significantly, registering about 67% of the total cases and the remaining 33% was distributed among non-Kuwaitis.

The officials confirmed that the vast majority of Kuwaiti infections people are young and adolescents, pointing out that these segments are the ones who underestimate the disease.

According to the officials, the concerned authorities monitored the continuation of banquets, weddings, and gathering in offices, etc., which makes the ban useless, pointing to a paradox that attracts attention represented by the decline in the incomes of the elderly and those with chronic diseases and the risk factors for the wards designated for Covid-19, and the increase in the incomes of young people.


Health officials announced the vaccination of 445,000 citizens and residents, representing 10.5% of the population.

Adil Khan

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