Health: 6 weeks between two doses of Pfizer
Health: 6 weeks between two doses of Pfizer. Image Credit: Al-Jarida

Kuwait City, May 3: The Ministry of Health decided to extend the administration of the second dose of the “Pfizer / Biotech” vaccine to 6 weeks after the first dose, provided that 3 weeks remain between the two doses for those over the age of 60 and for those with chronic diseases, in light of the global competition to obtain ample amounts of Vaccines.

In a press release on the latest developments in the national campaign for the “Covid-19” vaccine, the Ministry confirmed that this update applies to everyone who will receive the first dose of the “Pfizer / Biontech” vaccine, starting on Monday, May 3, 2021.

The ministry stated that it was decided to give the second dose of the “Oxford” vaccine within a period of 3-4 months from the first dose, due to the delay of the manufacturers in exporting the vaccine.


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She indicated that extending the period between the two doses for the “Pfizer / Biontech” and “Oxford” vaccines falls within the period authorized by the manufacturers to ensure the effectiveness of vaccination, and that is within the approved protocols for the “Covid-19” vaccine in force in several countries around the world such as the United Kingdom. Canada – France – Spain.

She explained that all the scheduled appointments for the first dose and the second dose of the “Pfizer / Biontec” and “Oxford” vaccines will reach each person via a text message specifying the day of vaccination, in addition to the time and place.



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