Kuwait City, March 23: The halls of the Kuwait Vaccination Center witnessed a massive turnout of citizens and residents who had appointments to receive the vaccine to counter the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic.

With the crowds and the massive attendance, a medical source revealed to “Al-Qabas”, rescheduling some daily appointments to avoid overcrowding.

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The medical sources indicated that one day at the center witnesses the visit of more than 21 thousand people, who are distributed throughout the day, as the center’s work continues until 7 pm.

She indicated that, during the past few days, the Ministry of Health was able to invite 24,000 people to be vaccinated in one day.

Within the framework of the Ministry of Health’s plan to accelerate the pace of vaccination and the demand for taking Corona vaccines, from citizens and expatriates in the country to reach community immunity as soon as possible, sources revealed that the Ministry of Health is studying a number of measures, including the introduction of the vaccination certificate within the conditions of travel for residents in the country and their return to it. And that taking the vaccine is also a condition for entering some vital facilities.


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