Fake PCR certificates could speed up the airport’s closure


Kuwait News: Official sources said that the Ministry of Health discovered forged Corona examination certificates (PCR) for those coming from a number of countries, especially Egypt, the United Kingdom (London), and India, indicating that there were cases of Coronavirus infection onboard flights coming to the country despite the negative examination that was They carry it, as it was found that some citizens were infected with the virus as a result of its transmission from travelers on flights coming from countries whose entry is prohibited directly to Kuwait.

The sources revealed that, after discovering the forged certificates, a compulsory examination was imposed on all those coming to Kuwait from Egypt, India and the United Kingdom via intermediary countries, in order to ensure that their survey was negative against the Corona virus and not to rely on the “PCR” certificate they carried with them from their countries of origin.

In a related context, the General Administration of Civil Aviation sent a letter yesterday evening to airlines operating at Kuwait Airport to continue the decision to reduce the number of arrivals to Kuwait by only 35 passengers per flight for all foreign companies until further notice instead of the date of February 6, indicating that the decision “Civil Aviation” came according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health so that the operating capacity does not exceed 1000 passengers per day.


In addition, the owners of a number of travel and tourism offices said, that the upcoming meeting of the Council of Ministers to determine the position of commercial flights at the airport, Kuwait, has jumped ticket prices by up to 50%, as the price of the ticket from Dubai to Kuwait For about 650 dinars, adding that there are some offices that took shares of those tickets, and offered them at fantastic prices exceeding 1,000 dinars for a ticket.

Source: Al-Anbaa


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