Deduction of the value and mechanism of institutional quarantine in hotels within days

According to responsible sources that the Ministry of Health and the General Administration of Civil Aviation are in continuous discussion over the past days to determine the institutional quarantine mechanism that will be applied starting from this 21st of this month for all arrivals to Kuwait International Airport, where all arrivals will be quarantined for a period of 7 days at their expense. It is necessary to complete the scheduled remaining quarantine period for another 7 days at home.

The sources said that there is a fear of the Ministry of Health about expanding in institutional quarantine hotels, taking into account the size of the medical staff and the extent of their presence in hotels or institutional quarantine centers, as each hotel needs a special medical staff, noting that the application of stone will start initially with citizens and later for expatriates and stop The matter is the extent of the decline in cases, the number of cases in intensive care rooms, and the expansion of vaccination.

She indicated that some parties had suggested to the Ministry of Health to involve the private medical sector, but that the matter was rejected by the Ministry because these centers were not specialized in dealing with Corona cases.

In addition, the sources said that there is a great demand from citizens on return trips to Kuwait since the decision to prevent entry to expatriates for a period of two weeks came into effect, which was launched earlier this week, adding that this explains the fear of many citizens that the institutional quarantine will be applied to them after their return to the country, starting from 21 th.

The sources denied Kuwait’s intention to lift the ban on high-risk countries during the next stage, saying, “In the event that the decision to prevent entry to residents is suspended, which will continue until the 21st of this month, the lifting decision will not include the list of banned countries, while it will mostly include Turkey, Qatar, the UAE and Bahrain.” The value of the institutional quarantine in hotels and the implementation mechanism will be deducted in the coming days.


Source Al-Anbaa


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