Closure of Airport, MOH warns the return of the partial ban

Closure of Airport, MOH warns the return of the partial ban
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Three prominent events raised the level of caution and alertness of the health authorities in the country yesterday: The first was the arrival of the mutated African Corona strain to neighboring countries, making it at the gates of Kuwait.

The results of their examination at the airport show that they are infected with the Coronavirus, although the results of the PCR certificates that they bring with them from the countries they come from confirm that they are free of infection.

Government sources revealed to Al-Qabas that two meetings will be held today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) at the request of the Minister of Health to deliver a full report on the epidemiological situation of the country, and how to prevent the spread of the new strain, to be submitted to the Council of Ministers.


The sources said that the report will include a number of solutions proposed by the Corona emergency committee, most notably the closure of the airport, the prevention of entry to the country, or the return of the partial ban, indicating that any solution that protects the country will not hesitate to take it in the interest of everyone.

As the sources denied the arrival of the African “Corona” strain to the country, they stressed that Thursday’s meeting, which will include officials from the Ministry of Health and the Civil Aviation Administration, will be crucial to laying out solutions that prevent it from entering the country, including closing the airport.

The sources stressed that the situation alarms the imminent danger, which calls for tightening compliance with the requirements, warning that the continuation of weddings, events and gatherings will bring us back to square one, with an increase in infections every minute, which calls for a pause by citizens after the fine law for not wearing a mask was canceled.


Corona infections in the country yesterday made an unprecedented jump since last November 10, with 811 injuries and deaths recorded, which struck the local street in a state of anxiety.

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Useful shortcut Recklessness not to adhere to health instructions in some “social occasions”, in exchange for government confusion in terms of firmness and deterrence of recklessness, They may cost Kuwait the risk of the collapse of the health system.


SOURCE: Al-Qabas


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