Kuwait City, July 4: At a time when it is necessary to encourage all segments of society to register quickly to receive vaccinations, and to give those who are vaccinated more benefits, demands have increased to allow the opening of complexes and activities at night to those who received vaccinations.

Deputies, jurists, and doctors considered that the decision to close complexes and activities at eight in the evening in front of restaurants is not thoughtful and raises questions about its purpose, wondering, “If the Council of Ministers allowed entry to those who were immunized with anti-Coronavirus vaccines during the day, then what is the justification for preventing them at night,” noting that this virus has become It is a reality in the whole world, and we must live with it and take steps that will pave the way for the return of normal life, and reduce the bleeding of economic losses.

While many of the restaurateurs expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions that “narrow the character,” they pointed out that many would not be able to travel in the summer and chose to stay in “Deira.” Some means of entertainment must be provided and activities that are considered an outlet for youth, children and families must be provided.


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Why the discrepancy?

Observers of epidemiological developments in the country pointed out that the concerned authorities contradict themselves by insisting on closure, as it helps in accumulating numbers in the various facilities during the day, while increasing the number of working hours allows to distribute the numbers over longer periods, which reduces crowding.

A member of the National Office for Human Rights, Ali Al-Baghli, said that some of the decisions of the Ministry of Health in the face of the Corona crisis are conflicting and illogical from the beginning, and none of the brotherly or friendly countries took them, and on top of those conflicting decisions regarding the insistence on closing complexes and activities at eight in the evening, as What prevents it from continuing until ten or twelve at midnight, especially in restaurants, in light of the fact that the owners of these activities have suffered millions of losses over the past period.


He added that these losses did not seem to concern any of the decision-makers, despite the strange paradox that the more strict the decisions, the higher the numbers of injuries and deaths, criticizing at the same time the silence of a large segment of the National Assembly on this situation.

Al-Baghli blamed the Prime Minister and the ministers concerned in the government for their silence on such ill-considered decisions, stressing that Kuwait is experiencing a real disaster as a result of confusion and conflict, as no one can know the wisdom behind depriving the restaurants of a normal life at night.

For his part, the head of the anesthesia department at Al-Razi Hospital, Dr. Hussein Al-Majadi said that opening the door to restaurants after eight in the evening is necessary because we must return to normal life and coexist with the virus.


He added that making this available to the two restaurants would also encourage the non-vaccinated to take the vaccine, stressing that there is a need to reduce the manifestations of the ban and encourage the trend towards returning to normal life, whether by opening complexes after eight or doing business normally throughout the day in the government and private sectors as well.

For his part, the orthopedic doctor at Al-Razi Hospital, Dr. Mansour Sadeghi, supported the opening of activities and complexes at night for those who received the vaccine, especially in light of the high temperatures during these days and the difficulty of going out at any time during the day, which makes there a desire to go out at night.

He added that if the opening was during the day on the basis of vaccination, then what is the justification for closing at night in the face of the same people, especially as the state seeks to return to normal life. He stated that it was necessary to help the owners of small businesses and various activities.  


Closing at night is useless

MP Abdul-Karim Al-Kandari said: The decisions of the Council of Ministers concerned with closing shops, complexes and restaurants at 8:00 pm, which had no logical reason from the beginning, have no real value now, with the increase in the number of vaccination recipients. Al-Kandari added, “Those who frequent these places are fortified, so these decisions must be stopped.”

10 urgent demands

1- Giving vaccine recipients more privileges

2- Opening activities in front of restaurants throughout the day


3- Take concrete steps towards returning to normal life

4- Encouraging all segments of society to take vaccinations

5- Eliminate conflicting and illogical decisions


6- Coexisting with the virus to reduce the bleeding of economic losses

7- Providing entertainment for young people, children and families

8- Continuing to accelerate the pace of vaccinations to enhance community immunity


9- Increasing the number of random swabs to detect infections

10- Awareness of societal segments of the need to reduce contact and devote distancing.

Source Al-Qabas


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