Britain: A third dose of the vaccine was given to those over the age of 70 in September

The British Minister of Vaccines, Nadim Al-Zahawi, revealed that people over the age of 70 will receive a third booster dose of Corona vaccines, next September.

Al-Zahawi said, in an interview with the British newspaper, The Telegraph, that “People over the age of 70 will receive booster doses of the Corona vaccine as of September, to protect them from the new viral variants,” adding: “The British government ministers expect the availability of up to To eight vaccinations by the fall.

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Al-Zahawi revealed the details of the government plan that will see some people receive three doses during the first ten months of using Corona vaccines in Britain, and said: “The first booster doses will go to people with priority, those over the age of 70, in addition to health workers. On the front lines and in social care workers ».

8 vaccines

Al-Zahawi also revealed, “The ministers in the British government expect to have up to eight vaccines available by the fall, with a number made in the United Kingdom, including a vaccine that can protect against three different types of corona in one dose.”


In response to a question about when to start offering booster vaccines, he said: “The most likely date will be September. Jonathan Van Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer believes that if we were to see a requirement for a booster dose to protect the most vulnerable, it would be in September.”

Corona spread

Concern over the spread of Corona continues in Europe, with France recording nearly 42,000 new cases, and Germany around 21,500 on Friday, compared to 6,000 in the United Kingdom.


Al-Zahawi said, “The car vaccination centers will soon be opened to help counter the reluctance to take the vaccine among people in their thirties, forties and fifties,” adding that “children between the ages of 12 and 17 years can be the first to receive the vaccine if it is safe.

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