An “occasion” crowded Al-Jahra Hospital with Corona patients

All the calamities from occasions … with this phrase, health officials sounded the alarm about the increasing number of “Corona” infections, and the high percentage of people with the epidemic occupying intensive care beds and “Corona” wards in hospitals.

Officials revealed to Al-Qabas that one occasion caused dozens of infected people to enter intensive care and “Covid 19” wards at Al-Jahra Hospital a few days ago.

They pointed out that the event was attended by one of the infected without symptoms, which caused the transmission of infection to a group of attendees, including elderly people and those with chronic diseases, and 3 of them were admitted to intensive care, while others were isolated.


In the context, Kuwait yesterday received a new shipment of Pfizer vaccine against “Corona”, representing the fourth batch that the country receives.

Informed sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that the shipment will be distributed to Halls 5 and 6 in the Kuwait Vaccination Center, due to the availability of refrigerators prepared for storing this type of vaccine, confirming that the Ministry will continue its targeting to provide vaccines to the largest possible number of segments of society.

The sources expected the arrival of other batches of the Oxford vaccine at the end of this month or early March, indicating that the expansion of vaccinations will be through increasing the number of health centers designated for “Covid 19” vaccinations soon.


Source Al-Qabas


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