99 percent of the field vaccinations for residents

Kuwait City, July 18: While the Ministry of Health announced the gradual start of providing the “Covid 19” vaccination for the age group from 12 to 15 years, starting this week, the mobile field unit campaign continued its work in providing vaccination, yesterday, to more than 10 thousand workers in 6 sites, including the Red Crescent. And 5 major companies in the private sector.

The field units campaign comes within the doubling of the ministry’s efforts in combating and responding to the pandemic, and expanding the base of vaccine beneficiaries, as the campaign included workers in the Red Crescent and 5 major companies: “The Gulf Group,” “Issa Hussein Al-Yousifi,” and “United Refreshments Pepsi, “Wafer” and “Spec Al Khaleej”.

From the launch of its first phase in late March until reaching its fifth phase now, the campaign has been able to provide service to more than 160,000 workers who have direct contact with the public in various activities, facilities, vital sectors, and major private sector companies.

Health sources revealed to Al-Rai that “99 percent of this segment are residents,” noting that vaccination will continue to be provided during the Eid al-Adha holiday through vaccination centers or field units.

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In a related matter, the sources confirmed the gradual start of providing vaccination through the “Pfizer” vaccine platform for the age group from 12 to 15 years, as of this week, stressing that “this does not mean stopping the provision of service to other groups, but rather it will continue to expand, and double efforts through expansion.” In the list of health centers that will provide the service, it will reach 81 centers.”

The sources pointed out that vaccinating the age group from 12 to 15 years comes within the framework of preparing for a safe return to study before the beginning of the school year next September, pointing out that it gradually includes providing service to about 128,000 Kuwaiti students and 89,000 non-Kuwaiti students.

10,000 vaccinations in 6 sites

Yesterday, the field units campaign provided vaccinations to about 10 thousand people, including 790 workers and employees in the Gulf Group, 1330 in the Issa Hussain Al-Yousifi Company, 970 in the “United Refreshments Company – Pepsi”, 2,600 in the “Wafer – Al Farda Market” company, and 3900 in the The “Gulf Spike” company, as well as 440 in the “Red Crescent”.

Al-Jarallah: No restrictions or bans are insight

The head of the Supreme Advisory Committee to confront “Corona” Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah affirmed that “locally… the epidemiological situation is under surveillance and the health system contains its repercussions,” adding that “there is no measures insight to restrict or ban.”

He pointed out that “the general preventive directives are to reduce the chances of infection and increase the frequency of vaccination.”


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