4 reasons why not to drink water while standing

4 reasons why not to drink water while standing

Drinking water has many health benefits, including hydrating the body and ensuring the proper functioning of the body’s systems, and you must know the correct way to drink water for better health, as the habits of drinking water also affect your health, and some believe that drinking water while standing or sitting will not make a difference but science has proven that drinking water while standing has health damage.

In the following report, we learn about the reasons why drinking water while standing is not good for your health.

According to HealthShots, Dr. Vipul Rostje, GP at a hospital in India, said it is not recommended to drink water while standing because it can lead to many health issues.


When you stand up, your body and tissues are in a state of tension and this causes water to flow rapidly through your body, causing an imbalance in the current fluid balance.

Side effects of drinking water while standing

1- Indigestion

Drinking water while standing may cause chaos in the digestive system because when you stand and drink water, it passes very strongly and quickly through the food channel and falls directly to the bottom of the stomach, which is harmful, as the nerves become tense when a person drinks water quickly while standing, which disturbs Fluid balance, leading to increased toxins and indigestion.


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2- Arthritis

The nerves are in a state of tension when you drink water quickly in a standing position, which upsets the fluid balance, which leads to increased toxins and indigestion in the body, in fact, fluid also accumulates in the joints, which leads to arthritis, drinking water while standing can lead to To the accumulation of fluid in the joints, and can lead to arthritis problems, and damage.

3- Danger to your lungs

When you drink water while standing, the required nutrients and vitamins do not reach your liver and digestive system. When you stand and drink water, it travels through the system very quickly and this puts your lungs and heart at risk because the level of oxygen is disturbed in this way.


4- Kidney problems

Scientists have found that our kidneys filter toxins better while sitting, but while standing and drinking water, the fluid tends to pass without any filtration to the bottom of the stomach under high pressure, and this causes water impurities to settle in the bladder, damaging kidney function and this can cause Even urinary disorders.

The correct way to drink water is to sit on a chair and keep your back straight while drinking water. This way, nutrients reach the brain and not only improve brain activity, but your digestion will improve and you will not feel bloated.


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