13% of Kuwait’s population were vaccinated with two doses against Corona

Kuwait City, May 8: The coming days will witness a further acceleration of the rate of anti-corona vaccinations in the country, with the third batch of the Oxford vaccine, which includes 388,000 doses, expected to arrive in the country on Monday , coming from Russia. Reported by Al-Qabas.

These officials said that the number of doses given to citizens and residents has exceeded one million and 500 thousand doses since late December until now, with a rate of 34.5% of the total population of 4.7 million people.

They explained that the number of people who have completed the two doses of the vaccine from the vaccines so far is about 600,000 people, who constitute about 13% of the total population.


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According to officials, these figures will play a role in resolving a number of decisions that the Council of Ministers will discuss at its meeting tomorrow, Monday, most notably the opening of some commercial activities in the country, such as allowing restaurants to receive customers inside the halls, provided that the health requirements set by the concerned authorities are applied, in addition to opening gaming stores. Children and entertainment.

The officials stated that the council will consider raising the attendance rate of employees in ministries, agencies and government agencies to 70% instead of 30% as it is now, explaining that the council will in its meeting also to continue the partial ban after Ramadan or cancel it after the health authorities submit their report, which will be completed today (Sunday).


And they indicated that one of the most prominent decisions on the meeting table was to limit the Eid prayer in the squares or in the mosques, in addition to specifying a mechanism for the work of slaughterhouses on the first days of the Eid to prevent overcrowding.

They concluded that the health situation is improving, so the indications promise a breakthrough and an opening for many activities.


Adil Khan

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