11 Ministers to continue, fill vacancies, and choose an analyst: Kuwait


Kuwait News: Official Sources said, given statements for al-Anba that His Excellency Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid will present the names designated for the minister to His Excellency Prince Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad, which will take place during the weekly protocol program. Sunday.

Sources said there is a deadline for the new government members to take oath tomorrow, Monday, indicating that the findings of last-minute consultation could expedite today’s announcement.

Sources have revealed that the new formation fills vacancies arising out of amnesty, exit of some ministers, and rotation in the ministries of interior, information and youth, power and water, and finance.


Sources indicate continuation of Sheikh ministers: Ahmad al-Mansoor, Drs. Ahmed al-Nasser, and Drs. Basil al-Sabah, a former undersecretary of the Ministry of Information besides appointing one of the new Sheikhs, besides the Ministry of Interior and Defense.

Sources confirmed that Anas al-Saleh will remain Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, in addition to the continuation of Ministers: Dr. Rana Al-Faris, Consultant Drs. Fahd al-Afasi, Maryland al-Aqeel, Khalid al-Raudhan, Drs. Saud al-Harbi, and M. Walid al-Jaysem, Mubarak al-Haris and Drs. Khalid al-Fadl.

Sources said that a new ministry for environment and nuclear science would be created, and Drs. Abdul Sattar Sobhi will be its minister.


Commenting on the publication by Al-Anba on the 11th of this month titled “No boycott of women from Sabah-al-Khalid’s government”, sources said: There is a belief that the government should include 3 women ministers In addition to continuing the two deputy prime ministers, choosing analyst and number, achieve the largest representation of women.


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