1,000 Health Workers from the Al-Sabah Medical District Register for Vaccines

The Ministry of Health is expanding the vaccination units

KUWAIT CITY, Feb. 23: The Ministry of Health continues its round-the-clock efforts to expand immunization units for medical and technical personnel in health areas such as the Sabah Specialized Medical District, which joined the Farwaniya, Al-Adan and Al- Jahra and inaugurated the facilities for vaccinating health workers against “Covid-19”.

Part of the vaccination of medical personnel in the Al-Sabah Medical District

The director of the Al-Sabah Medical District, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shatti, told the Al-Seyassah daily that around 1,000 health workers from the Al-Sabah region had registered via the online vaccination platform. 293 people were vaccinated within two days, which confirmed the vaccination progressive increase in the number of vaccinated people in the area after the spread of self-awareness among doctors, nurses, technicians, engineers, administrators and legal staff in the area and in central departments as well from the Ministry of Health Promotion; Overseas Treatment, Records, Health Information Center, General Medical Council and Department of Laboratories as well as other sectors such as agriculture, workshops and medical technology. The chief officer called these medical personnel “live ammunition”, which we need to fight the coronavirus.


He added: “Two days ago at the Islamic Medicine Center, as part of the Ministry of Health’s efforts to increase the number of vaccinations in the target segments of society, we set up the vaccination unit for medical, technical and administrative personnel in the region by the number of Increase overall community percentage of vaccinations. He added that the place has been equipped with complementary and concerted efforts by the Islamic Medical Center, Public Health, Information Technology Center, Nursing Staff, Pharmacy, Public Relations and Administration, as well as media efforts and social media platforms.

He said that working hours in the vaccination unit during the reconnaissance phase start from eight in the morning to one in the afternoon and that 293 workers were vaccinated in the first two days, noting that the vaccination mechanism depends on the registration on the electronic platform and that the registered person can go directly to the vaccination center, indicating that health professionals from more than 20 hospitals and medical centers have received the Covid-19 vaccine.

Al-Shatti urged all employees in the region to register and apply for a vaccination at the Islamic Medical Center, taking advantage of the priority of acceptance and physical proximity. The director of Al Farwaniya Hospital, Dr. Mohammad Al-Rashidi said that in the first week after the Covid-19 vaccination unit started in the region, around two thousand people were vaccinated in the Farwaniya health area, indicating the daily average is 310 people. and that the unit works in two shifts – morning and evening – for medical personnel.


The center offers 4 to 6 vaccination rooms as well as a preventive medicine doctor present in the observation room as well as a reception and statistics office, a resuscitation room and a reception room for 30 people.

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah




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