Government sources warn, The situation is exacerbating and the partial ban is on the table

Government sources warn, The situation is exacerbating and the partial ban is on the table
Image Source@Al-Qabas

Government sources have warned that the unprecedented increase in the rate of infection with the Coronavirus, and the high rate of intensive care occupancy, will push the government to gradually tighten procedures, explaining that the partial and total ban is on the table.

Government sources revealed to “Al-Qabas”, that there is a fear that the health situation will go out of order with the approaching month of Ramadan, in which there are many gatherings and occasions and there is also an increase in disease cases, which may cause great pressure on the medical staff.

The latest statistics indicate that the intensive care occupancy rate increased from 9 to 15%, and the occupancy of the beds with patients infected with the virus increased from 7 to 11%, which caused the state of emergency and alertness on the health authorities in the country to rise.

Close activities

Government sources revealed that the government will resort to closing any activity that contributes to the spread of the epidemic, stressing that any decision is taken without hesitation in order to protect the lives of people and relieve pressure on the medical staff.

The sources pointed out that the health authorities are striving to contain the situation before the onset of Ramadan, and if this does not happen, many strict measures will be taken, including the ban, closing activities, and preventing prayers in mosques during Ramadan.

Procedures evaluation

Regarding the measures and decisions taken by the Council of Ministers in its extraordinary meeting last Wednesday, and will come into effect tomorrow, Sunday, the sources said that they will be subject to evaluation at the end of this week, and then they will either be tightened by imposing more measures or reduced according to the number of cases and injuries.

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The sources concluded that the epidemiological investigation team is working in full swing, and any reason for the spread of the epidemic will be monitored, in addition to activating and tightening the role of inspection teams to monitor gatherings, starting from tomorrow, Sunday, and any event or gathering will be pursued.

Source: Al-Qabas


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