Thousands of Egyptians planning to leave Kuwait permanently
Image Credit: Al-Qabas

Kuwait City, July 6: Because of the Corona crisis, whose repercussions have continued for more than 18 months, an official source in the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration confirmed that thousands of Egyptians working in Kuwait are preparing to return to their homeland permanently.

The source indicated in exclusive statements in local media that the ministry receives on a daily basis more inquiries from thousands of Egyptians residing in Kuwait who have announced their desire to return permanently, and they have some inquiries regarding the required procedures, especially those related to transferring their children to schools and enrolling them in Egyptian universities. Many of them are in the ministry’s initiatives that are concerned with supporting the returnees to their homeland and helping them to make the best decisions.

He pointed out that thousands of Egyptians have permanently left Kuwait since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, expecting the final return of many members of the community to continue in the coming months, pointing out that the ministry provides support to the returnees and seeks to open fields of work for them and invest in the Egyptian market for those wishing to do so.

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On the other hand, thousands of stranded people in Egypt, who were vaccinated with approved vaccines against the Coronavirus, are preparing to return to their work in Kuwait, starting from the beginning of next August.


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