The “workforce” calls for the areas of “selling” the expatriate workers

Kuwait City, April 18: The Public Authority for Manpower requested the municipality to provide it with the tashween areas that will be designated for housing for expatriate workers, which will work to implement the construction of approximately 30,000 housing units in the two cities of Al-Mutlaa and the south of Abdullah Al-Mubarak residential area.

The authority – in a letter addressed to the municipality, of which Al-Qabas obtained a copy – explained its keenness to ensure the provision of a safe and decent health environment for workers in accordance with international standards that are reflected in the quality of worker productivity and to improve the development process for all private sector companies and institutions that comply with the requirements for occupational health and safety.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice requested the allocation of two sites: To construct buildings to manage expert affairs in the Ahmadi and Mubarak Al Kabeer governorates.


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In a letter addressed to the municipality, the ministry said that the organizational structure of experts ’management has been reorganized and upgraded to a public administration, and is currently located in rented buildings in the Ahmadi and Mubarak al-Kabeer governorates, noting that the current buildings do not accommodate the new structure, the future vision and the increasing needs, which requires the establishment of independent buildings. Administration in the two governorates.

The Ministry stressed the achievement of the trend to reduce the financial burden on the state by dispensing with rented buildings.



Adil Khan

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