The Philippines opens the recruitment of domestic workers… and the phone is a condition of the new contract

Kuwait News, March 18: Confirming what Al-Qabas local newspaper published yesterday, the Philippines informed the domestic labor recruitment offices of opening the door for new contracts, provided that employers abide by the new triple contract.

Informed sources indicated that the first conditions that must be allowed are the use of a modern phone during the worker’s rest period while preserving the privacy of the host family, in addition to providing decent and appropriate housing for the maid, providing appropriate food and clothing, and providing medical treatment in case of illness, according to the system Health insurance in Kuwait.

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The sources added that the employer will be required to pay the worker’s salary monthly, without delay or decrease, and compensate her in the event of injury, during work, and in the case of death, the employer will also bear the expenses of the dead body.

Regarding working hours, the contract stipulates that the rest period shall be at least 8 continuous hours of rest, work for no more than 12 hours, weekly leave with full pay, annual leave, end of service bonus, or a full month for each year of service, In addition to a bonus equivalent to one month’s salary annually, and the ban on seizing the passport with the employer

The sources confirmed that the offices will start processing visas and contracts, while recruitment will be officially permitted as of next April.


Adil Khan

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