Shortage of Domestic Workers is ended before Ramadan

Kuwait City, March 19: After the Philippines informed, yesterday, the domestic labor recruitment offices in Kuwait to allow the recruitment of domestic workers after a hiatus that lasted more than a year, informed sources revealed that the field for bringing in domestic workers has become wider, as India also allowed Kuwait’s offices to bring in their female workers and approve contracts through them, After it was banned for the last period.

The sources told Al-Qabas that the recruitment of female workers from India has become official, as offices are now processing applications and contracts in coordination with the Indian embassy, ​​after it was previously prohibited to ratify any contract for Indian women’s labor.

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The sources expected the recruitment of thousands of Filipino and Indian workers before the month of Ramadan, in order to radically bridge the shortage of domestic workers.

They indicated that work is also underway to allow contracts for Kuwaiti offices to be approved through the Sri Lankan embassy in the country, which allows recruitment only through sponsors while prohibiting offices, expecting that there will be a breakthrough soon.

They said: Kuwait adhered to the condition of preventing any domestic worker from being sheltered, whether she fled or has a problem with her country’s embassy, ​​and that direct coordination must be made with the Department of Domestic Labor of the Public Authority for Manpower to take the required measures quickly and provide appropriate accommodation and solve problems between the employer and the worker without any There is any legal infringement and future disagreement in this regard.


Employment figures According to the statistics of the Public Authority for Civil Information, in Kuwait there are 732 thousand domestic workers, most of them female workers, while the Indian workers control this sector with a total of 343 thousand workers, followed by the Filipinos with 157 thousand, then the Bangladeshis and the Sri Lankans.

Concerning the breakthrough and allowing the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers, the Philippines has in the past few days completed a series of meetings with owners and representatives of domestic labor recruitment offices in Kuwait to inform them of the new conditions that must be met upon concluding new contracts, especially the activation of the “triple contract”, in which the office is represented The domestic worker side.

According to recent government reports, Kuwait hosts more than 157,000 Filipino domestic workers, who represent 21.5% of all domestic workers.


Philippines termsSources told Al-Qabas that in recent meetings with representatives of domestic workers’ recruitment agencies the Philippines stressed the need to adhere to the requirements required before the worker’s arrival in Kuwait, starting with providing adequate housing until signing a contract with the new employer under the conditions stipulated in the tripartite contract which contains Approx 13 conditions.

Among the conditions required by the Kuwaiti offices the sources indicated that the Philippines called for the provision of suitable temporary housing before the worker is handed over to the employer, with the activation of a coordination and follow-up office between the office and the worker to communicate by phone as soon as they arrive home to ensure the commitment of the second party – the employer Providing a suitable and suitable private room for living.

Labor transferThe sources stated that during the meetings held this week, the Philippine side was determined not to allow any domestic worker to be transferred to another sponsor without the worker’s approval, as this matter was discussed and officially agreed upon between the Philippine embassy in Kuwait and the relevant government agencies.


Al-Shammari to Al-Qabas: Granting agencies the right to defend the rights of workersBassam Al-Shammari, the owner of a domestic labor recruitment company, stressed the need to work on changing the approach of managing the regulation of the recruitment of domestic workers that is currently used during the adjudication of labor cases, especially with regard to the recovery of their material and moral rights.

Al-Shammari told Al-Qabas: The Kuwaiti offices will be authorized to communicate with the workers on a monthly basis to ensure their safety and receive their dues on a regular basis, in addition to granting the offices the right to defend the rights of their workers.

Workers’ complaintsAl-Qabas received a set of complaints pending with the Public Authority for Manpower represented by the Domestic Labor Department.


The “Philippines” is trying to complete these files in preparation for submitting a detailed report on the labor situation of its workers in Kuwait to the Philippine Labor Minister.

According to a complaint by a domestic worker, born in 1995, that she worked for the employer for a period of 3 years and 7 months.


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