Residents express sadness about the decision to pay 2000KD for residential renewal

  • Residents express sadness about the decision to pay 2000KD for residential renewal who reached above 60 years.

Kuwait City, July 15: The decision of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Manpower, to allow the renewal of work permits for residents who are over 60 years old and have a secondary qualification or less, in return for paying 2,000 dinars in annual fees, was no less shocking than the decision not to renew themselves, expressing their disappointment, especially since they cannot secure the amount. From their low salaries, they saw in the new decision a “spike” way to force them to leave.

Al-Rai local media surveyed the opinions of some of those who were affected by this decision. At first, Abu Faisal, who works on a stall in the Mubarakiya market, asked, “Do I earn 2000 dinars per year from this stand?” He added, “They do not want us in Kuwait, and who reaches the age of 60.” A year-old has respect and appreciation for what he has done, but he asks us for the amount, while those in their twenties have free residency.”

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Abu Turki, one of the workers included in the decision, said, “I did not know the account of the thousand dinars in my life, and they now demand to pay 2,000 to renew my residency.”

He continued, “I pay 400 dinars to the company per month for this shop, and I only have 150 left. How will I pay this amount?”

Abu Muhammad, one of the oldest sellers in the market, who seemed surprised by the decision, said, “This decision is in the hands of the state, and we have no other solution, so what should we do? Allah Kareem”.

One of the market workers, who is included in the decision, was surprised: “Is this decision correct? Is it true that the government wants to take 2000 dinars from me as a worker who earns 150 dinars a month? if They gave me 500 dinars and I’m walking home if they don’t want us.” He continued, “We have completed 60 years of working in Kuwait as porters, serving Kuwait, so is our reward now with expulsion?”

The wife of one of those included in the decision asked with tears in her eyes, “Where will we get the 2000 dinars from me and this poor old man?”, adding, “We live in a country of humanity, goodness, and giving.”

Abu Mahdi said, “Where can I get two thousand to pay for accommodation, and there is no work and I have not paid the rent of the shop to my sponsor until today? God is generous.”

Adil Khan

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