Request to Issue new domestic workers Visas in front of the Council of Ministers


Maryam Hazak reporter In Al-Anbaa

Kuwait News: Informed sources revealed, in exclusive statements to Al-Anbaa a local Arabic Newspaper , that the request to open the Visas of new domestic workers has become on the cabinet table .

The sources also pointed out that 5 ministries and government agencies agreed to a recommendation that new work permits(Domestic Workers Visas) be issued according to the conditions in force.


So that Kuwaiti families can bring in new domestic workers to be sponsored, especially families that do not have servants who can be returned from abroad.

The sources indicated that the Ministries of Health, Interior, Foreign Affairs and Finance, in addition to the Public Authority for Manpower, agreed to open the door to issuing work permits to bring in new domestic workers to meet the needs of Kuwaiti families who could not return their own workers or those in need of additional labor.

The Council of Ministers will consider the content of the recommendation that was submitted to it from these five bodies to adopt the appropriate mechanism to open the issuance of new work permits for Kuwaiti families who need to bring in a domestic worker from abroad and the timing of that, and will it coincide with the plan for the return of domestic workers that has begun to be implemented or will it be separate about her.

Source: Al-Anbaa Arabic News


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