Prices of domestic labor contracts confuse recruitment offices


The owners of domestic recruitment offices followed the Ministry of Commerce’s decision yesterday to reduce the prices of new contracts, to be 890 dinars instead of 990 dinars, stressing that the continuation of the current situation without hearing all parties increases the problems of recruitment and agreement with external agencies.

The owners of offices told that the failure to look at the high cost in the light of the corona crisis, the lack of foreign agencies to export their workers to Kuwait, and the absence of labor agreements between countries other than the Philippines, indicated that the domestic labor market has been closed until further notice, and that the opening of a black market has become wide and large.

According to Khaled Al-Milkhan, president of the Federation of Domestic Recruitment Offices, the union had already rejected the reduction, and this was recorded in the minutes of a recent meeting with the Ministry of Commerce and the Manpower Authority.


He explained that the Union has requested a reduction in the price of recruitment from the ticket registered on the platform “Safety”, because its specified value there is 200 dinars, while the real price is much lower. Pricing announcement Bassam al-Shammari, owner of al-Durra’s office for domestic workers, said the state’s officials should announce the pricing, reveal the real cost and ask outside agencies before issuing such decisions, which will not be in anyone’s interest.

Al-Shammari pointed out that there is reluctance on the part of several countries to send their workers to Kuwait because the Corona pandemic increased the value of recruitment and increased costs, where the price of recruiting workers from the Philippines in Saudi Arabia amounts to 24 thousand riyals, or nearly 2,000 dinars, while the price set in Kuwait according to the new resolution is only 890 dinars.

Source: Al-Qabas


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