Officially cancelled the 60 age decision for expatriates

Kuwait News, Nov 4: The Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Manpower decided in its meeting today, Thursday, to formally cancel Resolution No. 520 of 2020, which prohibited the issuance of a new work permit in the country for expatriate workers who have reached 60 years and above holding high school certificates and below and equivalent certificates.

Sources revealed that it was decided to issue a new decision so that the renewal of work permits for the 60-year-olds will be in return for 500 dinars annually, in addition to health insurance whose value ranges between 500 to 700 dinars annually.

The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, in his capacity as Chairman of the Manpower Council, with attendance of the members of the Authority’s Board of Directors, which is composed of 9 members, including the Minister President.


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The study of the government advisory team concluded that the decision of the workforce not to renew the residency of expatriates aged sixty and over who do not have an academic qualification higher than high school according to the classification of the State of Kuwait affects the labor market environment in the private sector, does not address its imbalances, and is directly related to relieving pressure on the private sector. The country’s health services system, rather than a measure that would modify the demographics.


Adil Khan

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