Law of the 60 amendments turned residents into violators
Image Credit: Al-Qabas

Kuwait City, July 7: At a time when thousands of residents are still waiting to “cancel” the decision to prevent the renewal of work permits for those who have reached 60 years of age without university degrees, the suspension of issuing the new decision causes a daily “confusion” for labor departments that are reviewed by dozens of people affected by the implementation of the decision that entered into force. Implementation at the beginning of this year. 

Sources told that the labor administrations receive daily residents over the age of 60 who are looking to renew their work permits after being rejected by the automated system, but the employees do not have a satisfactory answer to them, except for the possibility of a 3-month extension through the Ministry of Interior.

She added, “The employees or directors of departments in the “manpower” do not have any information about the new amendments or what is required during the coming period, and the renewal ban is still available.

unknown future

Al-Qabas, in turn, met with a group of those affected by the decision, who confirmed that the continued delay in issuing the amendments confuses their lives and the future of their presence in the country, individually or even their families.

One of them said: I entered Kuwait in the sixties of the last century, and I have a family, children, and grandchildren now, but there is no longer the ability to continue in light of the prevention of renewal and the absence of children in the labor market so that I can transfer them to “join a family.”

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He continued, “During the past year, my daughter obtained admission to Kuwait University, and during the past months, I transferred her residence under the university’s sponsorship and she is now residing in the female students’ dormitory, and the family will leave the country.”

The same applies to two sisters over sixty years old, who pointed out that they own a 49% stake in a company, but it does not comply with the condition of Article 19 of the Residence Law, which stipulates the presence of capital of 100,000 dinars, and a previous budget of two years to obtain it, pointing out that the absence of amendments Or announcing it delays the decision to stay or leave.

Those affected pointed out that the employees of the “Manpower” told them that there is an option to oblige them to have private health insurance for the elderly category only, and an annual fee ranging between 100 and 500 dinars.

They stated: There are dozens of those affected who have now entered the circle of residency violations, which records them two dinars per day, due to their waiting for the amendments and their desire to stay in the country and they are at risk of deportation at any time.

Expected changes

Among the conversations about approving the thousand dinars to renew the work permit annually or two thousand dinars, the matter is still waiting for the decision of the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, according to responsible sources.


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