illegal Expatriates has increased to 1, 71,000 in Kuwait


Kuwait News: There is a significantly increased in illegal Expatriates in Kuwait and reached the 1,71,000.

Previous months Kuwait tried To control the numbers of illegal Expatriates in the different ways. Even they brought law for expatriates to leave Kuwait without any punishment.

But they failed to control illegal numbers. Instead of decreasing the number actually increases to more than 1 Lakh 70 thousand.


The nnumbers of illegals significantly increased in this days and experts expected that due to Travel restrictions.

74000 illegal Expatriates are in article 14 Visa Holders including Visit Visa holders who were failed to leave the country.

63000 iillegal Expatriates are in Article 20 Visa holders ( Domestic Workers) and whereas in the private sectors, article 14 Visa Holders 34000 people are illegally working.


Source: ArabTimes Kuwait


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