Expats waiting for final decision regarding for 60 age

Kuwait News, January 19: While about 54,000 expatriates over the age of 60, holding high school diplomas and below, are awaiting the final decision regarding the renewal of their work permits, relevant sources revealed that there is a wave of “refinements” for this segment that started in some companies.

The sources stated that “there are companies that, at the beginning of this week, terminated the services of their employees from (sixty expatriates), as their departments informed them that they were obliged to take this step in an effort to reduce the risk that the final government decision against them in this regard would be longer than that, while informing them that in the event that the decision is taken. Agreeing to renew their work permits, the decision to return to work or not will depend on the circumstances of the period of issuance of the decision, and the company’s need for them.

Practically, the “60 age expatriates” who will be included in the wave of inspections before renewing their work permits will face a new problem called “the search for a new sponsor.” [Read Also: 9500 arrivals are came to Kuwait and most of them did a PCR upon arrival]


The issue of banning the renewal of work permits for expatriates is still awaiting the issuance of a decree transferring the Public Authority for Manpower to the Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Integrity Affairs, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, to take the final decision in it, whether to cancel the ban or approve the renewal with a fee of up to 500 dinars with mandatory health insurance or the latter suffice.

The sources confirmed that Minister Al-Jalawi has a full perception of the issue, and that work is underway to adopt “the easiest solution for people, which contributes to preserving the rights of everyone and does not cause any harm to the economic sectors at the same time.”


Adil Khan

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