Expats in Kuwait dissatisfied with working long hours

Kuwait News, Dec 29: In a recent report published by Euronews on its website concluded that Expats of Kuwait expressed their strong dissatisfaction with working long hours, and that people seeking to work abroad and hoping to find a work-life balance should avoid working in Kuwait and Japan.

In its report, the station relied on the rating of the “Expat Insider’s Working Abroad” index, which included 59 countries around the world, and measures the satisfaction of foreign workers with the countries in which they work outside their country of origin, and included countries that are considered the best and worst for job seekers.

They said if you seek to work abroad and hope to find a balance between your work and your free time, you should avoid working in Kuwait and Japan, and that 12% of residents in Kuwait expressed their strong dissatisfaction with working long hours compared to an average of only 4% at the global level. While only 50% of people in Japan are satisfied with their hours worked (compared to an average of 66%), Japan’s working hours are higher than the global average, at 44.9 hours per week, compared to 43.2 hours worldwide.


Euronews stated that due to the Corona pandemic, lifestyles in all countries of the world witnessed many changes that prompted people, and the ambitious ones in particular, to search for work outside their countries, despite the disparity in opportunities and fields of work among the countries of the world, and that with the transformation of many Online jobs, remote work is now easier than ever, and while the digital lifestyle has really taken off in the past few years, many countries are now keen to attract foreign workers to work for them remotely.

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The authors of the report expressed their belief that whether a person is looking for a completely new job, or works for a company that does not mind where he lives, choosing the right location is crucial if he wants a satisfactory work-life balance.


The rating on the best and worst workplaces, based on opinion polls conducted by the network with foreigners working abroad, stated that Cyprus is the third worst country for foreigners, while Italy comes in second place, while Turkey ranked the worst ever, and was among the 10 worst Countries since 2017, and this year, twice the global average of expatriates expressed their dissatisfaction with the local economy, at 43% compared to the global ratio of 19%.

Euronews considered the depreciation of the lira and the impact of the pandemic on aspects of the economy among the main reasons why foreign workers in Turkey are unhappy.

The report indicated that about 50% of those surveyed in Denmark were completely satisfied with their working hours, compared to only 27% at the global level, and the picture was very similar in Norway, where 42% were completely satisfied with their working hours, and New Zealand came in second place overall. In the work abroad index and fourth when it comes to work-life balance, and in first place, Taiwan came as the best country for foreigners in general in 2021, with 83% of those surveyed expressing their overall satisfaction with job security in the country, compared to 61% globally.


Source Al-Anba

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