Delays, cancellations burn holes in stranded Expat bags

KUWAIT CITY, February 20: Passengers from high-risk countries who want to return to Kuwait are in high demand. The hotel reservations experienced an exceptional demand from travel agents for reservation days in the coming days. There are hotels that prefer to negotiate institutional quarantine with clients directly through their website by booking specific rooms, restaurants, and some hotels prefer direct sales without an agent/middleman.

Ticket prices from Dubai and Turkey are expected to rise as thousands of expats who have been stranded for more than a month want to come back. Currently, due to the DGCA’s decision, delays and cancellations have not only stressed them out but also increased their costs.

In the coming days, prices and the cost factor for passengers arriving by air will play an important role.


1- Limited hotel rooms: The number of quarantined hotels is currently very limited (45). 1000 passengers per day over a period of 14 days and a quarantine period of 7 days force the hotel sector to work at full capacity Increase the prices of hotels, hotel apartments, and residential complexes

2 – The stranded expats: The stranded expats who are in transit countries due to their previous flights have been canceled. A rebooking of new flights is preferred only when new bookings are made. The high demand for airline tickets is expected to continue for two months.

3. – Meal options increase costs: Meal options in hotels vary as the quarantine only includes breakfast, while the price for lunch and dinner varies between 6 and 10 KD depending on the hotel offer. Therefore, for a person living in institutional quarantine in 3-star hotels for 14 days, the bill will have to pay an additional 156 dinars if they want to eat lunch and dinner, while these costs will be halved if they choose a meal.


Sources suggested that some hotels would show more flexibility in handling these meals in terms of prices, especially as there are hotels that limit themselves to offering this service to their customers upon request from the Al-Rai room menu sheets.

The Kuwait Hotel Association has communicated rules to hotel managers that must be followed in order for the institutional quarantine to receive guests at the same previously agreed price.




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