Curfew almost certain due to spikes in Covid-19 cases

Curfew almost certain due to spikes in Covid-19 cases

KUWAIT CITY, February 20: Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali and Under-Secretary of State for the Interior Ministry, Lt. Gen. Essam Al-Naham, held a meeting to discuss the preparations and measures to be taken by the Interior Ministry in the event of a partial or total curfew.

Lt. Gen. Essam Al-Naham yesterday issued a circular to the ministry officials calling on them to prepare to implement the necessary measures in the event of a partial or total curfew in the coming days and calling for the readiness of all field sectors increase.

According to security sources, the Ministry of the Interior has increased readiness in all areas to prepare for the imposition of the curfew, if so decided by the cabinet.

The Ministry of Civil Protection has also called in volunteers. In this context, Minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali emphasized the importance of travelers following the instructions and guidelines of the DGCA, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior and following the safety procedures.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Public Affairs and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior, the minister stated that all arriving and departing passengers who wish to return to the country must book a 7-day hotel reservation at their own expense and must complete an additional seven days of quarantine at home and in addition the Bear the costs of PCR tests.

By Salem Al-Wawan, Khaled Al-Hajri, Raed Yousef, Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari and Munaif Nayef Al-Seyassah



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