Al-Sager’s efforts led to the cancellation of the flawed 60 decision

Kuwait City, Oct 7: The shuttle moves led by the head of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Muhammad Jassim Al-Saqer, resulted in the Fatwa and Legislation Department issuing its opinion today, Thursday, that the decision to prevent work permits for expatriates over 60 years old and whose certificates are below high school certificates is legally invalid, which requires its cancellation.

The falcon’s move, which came out of showing Kuwait’s humanity and its interest in human rights issues, was preceded by numerous meetings and meetings with officials of the various authorities in the country, in order to discuss the negative economic and humanitarian effects that this flawed decision would have left in the long run.

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Al-Sager’s moves led to a series of meetings to discuss the repercussions of the decision, and eventually led the Minister of Commerce to ask the Fatwa and Legislation Department whether the decision was legally sound. The fatwa’s answer was decisive that the decision was not correct.

Adil Khan

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