A young Egyptian returned 3000 dinars, which he found at the embassy of his country


Mr.Tamer Habib the young Egyptian set an example in the trust and magnanimity when he found a bag with the amount of 3000 dinars in front of the Egyptian consulate, and he did not hesitate for a moment to announce it until it reached its owner, who turned out to be a representative of rent collection.

He added, “The owner of the bag, praise be to God, contacted me, and it turned out that he was working as a delegate to collect the rents of one of the real estate, and I handed him his bag, after making sure that it belonged to him and he gave its description.

And young Tamer Habib added, “I have only done my duty and what my conscience dictates to me because everything is fleeting … and nothing will remain but good deeds in the balance of our actions. I thank God for the performance of the trust for its owner, and I thank everyone who helped me in that.


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