60 Age Residency renewal decision is between cancellation or a thousand dinars

Kuwait News Update, June 12: A total of 88,500 Expatraties depend on the decision to prevent the renewal of work permits for residents who have reached the age of 60 with high school diplomas and below.

The sharp division of opinions emerged within the Supreme Advisory Committee of the Public authority of Manpower members regarding the amendments and fees required to be approved to allow them to work permit renewal.

According to the information, civil society representatives had reservations about a proposal to impose a fee of 2000 dinars, in addition to health insurance for the elderly and the reservation of the representative of the Chamber of Commerce on the same matter.

According to local news that the “Manpower” put the proposed amendments before the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, including a re-evaluation, provided that the fee does not exceed one thousand dinars or cancel the decision entirely.

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However, with the people pressure and the movement of human rights defenders and civil society, the closest approach is to cancel the decision.

Some of the Gulf Countries already applied some fees on above 60 people

It is noteworthy that the decision has been applied in some countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council for years, and according to data collected by Al-Qabas from the Gulf labor market regulations,

  • Saudi Arabia stipulated the appointment of two national workers in the same company for every resident over 60 years old, in addition to the required percentage in appointing Saudis.
  • As for the UAE, it required the payment of 5,000 dirhams to renew the work permit for two years (equivalent to 409 Kuwaiti dinars), in addition to medical and health care at the expense of the worker’s company and the condition of health fitness.
  • And Bahrain specified special health insurance and fees of 172 Bahraini dinars, (equivalent to 137 Kuwaiti dinars).


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