60 age Decision is expected to cancel on Wednesday meeting

  • New proposal to impose 250 dinars for renewal and health insurance.

Kuwait City, Oct 24: It seems that there is a breakthrough soon for the “60 age” decision, as that it is expected that the Board of Directors of the Manpower Authority will be invited to convene next Wednesday under the chairmanship of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, to resolve the issue. Reported by Al-Rai.

Informed sources suggested the Board of Directors’ approval of canceling the decision to ban the issuance of work permits to expatriates aged 60 years and above who hold high school diplomas and less, which the Fatwa and Legislation Department ruled to be invalid.

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The sources indicated that there are premises of understanding between the members of the “Manpower” board of directors to cancel the sixtieth decision in the upcoming meeting and direct the concerned authorities to re-issue work permits for this segment again.

According to what was in place before the issuance of this decision, pointing out that among the new proposals On the second table, the imposition of a renewal fee of 250 dinars and the requirement of health insurance.


Adil Khan

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