Dr. Ahmed Al-Nazar, Outstanding Contributions Al Anba Newspaper

Dr. Ahmed Al-Nazar, Outstanding Contributions Al Anba Newspaper

  • Khalid Al-Jarallah: I will be a soldier in Kuwaiti service anywhere, anytime, anywhere

Osama Diab

Yesterday, Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Nazar Al Mohammed presided over the Diplomatic and Consular Corps Council meeting.

Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Al-Nazar issued Emery Decree no. And for his outstanding and remarkable contribution to Kuwait service and its interests and foreign policy, God wants success and repayment in his personal life. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nazar confirmed that the Ministry is continuing its duties in implementing Kuwait’s foreign policy and interests in accordance with the good orders of His Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad.

Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Nazar informed the Council that he had appointed Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghanem to carry out the work of the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs.

For his part, Ambassador Jamal al-Ghanem praised al-Jarallah for his contribution to the pursuit of foreign policy goals, his closeness and interaction with all ministry staff, guidance and support, wishing him all the best.

In a press release after announcing his acceptance of the resignation, former Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid al-Jarallah, in response to High-Decree No. 3-2020, explained that the minister would be allowed to resign. And those who served in office for 4 years or more on January 31, 2021, submitted his resignation to the political leadership, emphasizing that he would remain in the service of his country anytime, anywhere and as a soldier. Space.

He said: I have handed over the foreign leadership and I am assured that the Ministry will be led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Nazar and the generous force represented by my team of competent diplomatic brothers. Great orders of his Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad and His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad.

He concluded his statement: I entrust this leadership and I am confident that the ship will come to safety despite all the storms around us everywhere.

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