Defining the educational and administrative bodies in schools within the priority of vaccination against “Corona”

The Ministry of Education announced that the committee responsible for the (Covid 19) vaccination campaign in the Ministry of Health has set up a mechanism to determine the priority of target groups for vaccination and included all members of the educational and administrative staff in schools affiliated with (education) among the categories of workers in basic services and who has priority for vaccination.

The Ministry of Education said in a press statement today, Wednesday, that the aforementioned committee has developed a mechanism for determining groups according to specific scientific and preventive standards based on recent scientific studies and the latest scientific and epidemiological developments related to the disease (Covid 19) and the methods of its spread the most vulnerable individuals to the disease and its complications.

She explained that the Ministry of Health site has been identified for registration and obtaining an appointment for vaccination, as an amendment was added to the registration system allowing members of the educational and administrative staff in schools to be identified to ensure that they receive priority in booking an appointment for vaccination.


The Ministry indicated that there is a selection of (the Ministry of Education and Higher Education) in the box designated for choosing a profession, and in the event that the individual has previously registered, it is possible to enter the site, modify the update of his data, and specify the above-mentioned option in the profession box.

She stated that the committee, in turn, recommended members of the educational and administrative staff in schools to register for an appointment for vaccination, as the special appointment will be sent to them according to the previously established priority mechanism for each category of target groups from the concerned authorities at the Ministry of Health. 

Source: Al-Anbaa



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