Authorities Decide December 14, the first trips of “domestic workers”


Kuwait News: The electronic platform “in safety” starts work today (Monday) and officially organizes the procedures for the return of domestic workers to Kuwait.

According to the source, that the National Aviation Services (NAS) Company is preparing for all procedures to begin operating the platform at 3 p.m. today, as the first flight is expected to be for the return of domestic workers India will start on the 14th of this month.

She mentioned that the platform can smoothly handle 5 steps through which the sponsor registers the employee’s name and civil number, determines the day and country he is from, and pays the fees.


According to the sources, the fees set by the Council of Ministers were 270 dinars, but airfare depends from country to country.

Ticket Fares (Estimations):

  • 110 KD – India,
  • 145 KD – Ceylon, Bangladesh, and Nepal,
  • 220 KD – Philippines.

This is expected to take 4 months with 80,000 travelers arriving in Kuwait and it is stated that only 600 travelers per day will be received, assuming they are institutionalized with the provision of housing for a period of 14 days intended for quarantine and escort services as required by the Ministry of Health, including

  • Transportation,
  • Accommodation,
  • 3 meals,
  • Cleaning services,
  • Security and guarding,
  • and all public services.

In addition, those responsible for organizing and coordinating the plan for the return of domestic workers gave the sponsor the freedom to choose the journey of his domestic worker, be it a direct flight to Kuwait or a stopover (transit), while the cost was 550 Kuwaiti dinars Reduced to 270 Kuwaiti dinars per person to achieve prices that are economically competitive and ensure direct access for domestic workers to Kuwait.


It is true that a number of (58) residential buildings have been assigned, which include all public services related to quarantine, as they include private housing for women and private housing for men, and the housing is distributed separately to nationalities.


Source: Al-Anbaa


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