Theft of 5990 dinars from the balance of a citizen through a phone call


Important Points

Kuwait News: The security resource said in Al-Anbaa news Paper that thieves and fraudsters had resumed their operations by targeting the new victim and stealing 5,990 dinars from their bank balance but did not respond to phone calls from people who falsely claimed to be employees of local banks.

Highlighting that these are a gang, there are several methods, including updating their details and then informing the customer of the need to steal their funds, or send a message and ask the customer to deliver the number linked to this message, and registered at the Abdullah Al-Salem Suburban Police Station yesterday The same happened in the case.


According to security sources, the 55-year-old man received a call from a local cell phone stating that he was working for a local bank and that the bank had sent him a message on his phone. Mentioned by the Prosecutor of Commercial Affairs.

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It is noteworthy that the OTP code is sent to the customer if the withdrawal process is more than 100 dinars. This means that the sender of these messages will have a complete card for the customer, including the customer’s card number and password.


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