The rooms for breaching public morals on the
The rooms for breaching public morals on the "Club House" are monitored. Image Credit: Al-Anba
  • Citizens who caught in these criminal activities will refer to the prosecution office.
  • Expatriates who caught in these criminal activities will refer to administrative deportation.

Kuwait News, April 7: An informed security source in the criminal security sector, confirmed that the Cybercrime Department has arrested, during the past two days, citizens and expatriates for violating public morals at Club House, inciting unethical practices, and exceeding the limits of public morals.

The source added: The sector referred a number of detainees, including citizens to the Public Prosecution, and expatriates to administrative deportation for the public interest, pointing out that the electronic detectives are on the lookout for anyone who pleads with him to violate the law.

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The source mentioned in a special statement to Local Arabic News that the Cyber ​​Crime Department recently detected the presence of rooms in the program in violation of morality and incitement to immorality and immorality … etc., and accordingly instructions were issued to arrest them, pointing out that those arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department were entering with their real names. Others enter with fake names, stressing that violating public morals has nothing to do with expressing an opinion.

The source stated that the criminal security sector’s intervention in such immoral or security-related issues stems from its role assigned to it.

On the other hand, a security source told Al-Anbaa that an Arab delegation had been referred to the Public Prosecution on the grounds of an accusation of scratching the modesty of a child in one of the areas of Hawalli Governorate.


According to the source, the girl cried during the immoral behavior of the expatriate to be arrested by the residents of the building in which the child resides, and by asking the victim, she confirmed that she had been subjected to a scandalous act. As for the accused, he denied what the child said.



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