The release of the deceased Egyptian’s wife in Salmiya

Kuwait News, May 18: The Public Prosecution released the Egyptian woman who had quarrels with her husband, and who died during the quarrel in their apartment in Salmiya, provided that she would summon her today to listen to her after she insisted during the investigation that she did not stab him. Itself by a small knife, and suddenly fell to the ground. Reported Al-Rai.

While the case was registered under the name of “death of criminal suspicion”, the prosecution ordered the two neighbors who entered the apartment to be summoned to hear them today.

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Al-Rai published the incident as soon as it happened, and indicated that the investigations and investigations revealed that a quarrel broke out between the spouses, and when the two neighbors opened the door to the apartment, they saw their neighbor dead and wounded in the hand, while the wife carried a small knife in her hand.

According to initial reports, the husband died due to a cessation of his heart muscle, and is awaiting the investigations and the final forensic report.

Adil Khan

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