The full details of the case of the stabbing killing of a female citizen after her kidnapping and two girls in her vehicle

Kuwait City, April 21: The General Administration of Criminal Investigation managed, within less than two hours, to arrest a citizen who fatally stabbed a citizen to the chest after he kidnapped her with her car from the Sabah Al-Salem area, where he forced her to stop by deliberately colliding with her.

On the full details of the case, a security source said that the operations of the Ministry of Interior received a report yesterday afternoon from a citizen, born in 1987, in which she said that her sister, born in 1989, was kidnapped with her and two daughters (5 and 6 years old) in her car from the Sabah Al-Salem area, and immediately the security men moved, and it was found The perpetrator left his car, a black truck, and fled with the victim’s car, and following the report, the descriptions of the vehicle that belonged to the victim were circulated, and the identity of the perpetrator was identified through his vehicle and communicated with him by phone, as he tried to camouflage the security men that he was in the southern area of ​​the surra.

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The source continued by saying: While the search process is underway, the Ministry of Interior’s operations received a notification from the administration of Al-Adan Hospital about the arrival of a female citizen in the third decade who was stabbed in the chest and died due to the abundance of blood that she bled. The perpetrator was traveling in it and it turned out to be the same registered vehicle in which the victim was kidnapped, and that he resides in the Raqqa area, and accordingly, he moved to his residence after it was proven that he was in it and made a security fence around his house and seized it.

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The source stated that the killer was one of the leaders of the precedents and that he stabbed the woman inside her vehicle, indicating that the perpetrator transported the victim and blood was flowing from her to Al-Adan Hospital, and then fled.

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The source indicated that the accused was born in 1991 and that the victim was two years older than him, and a case against him was registered in the Martyrs Police Station, and a decision was issued for 10 days in connection with that case, and as soon as he got out of prison, he followed up on the victim and committed his crime.

It is noteworthy that the victim’s sister confirmed to the security men that the perpetrator had kidnapped her sister due to differences between them.

An investigation is underway with the accused while he is in his third decade to determine the circumstances of the crime and to seize the tool used.

This, and the General Administration of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that the criminal security sector managed to arrest a citizen in record time after he committed the crime of killing a citizen in Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate.

The administration clarified that a report was received in the operating room stating that a citizen had kidnapped a citizen with her car and went to an unknown destination, and immediately the security men went to the al-Balagh site, where another report was received from Al-Adan Hospital stating that the victim had died.

Immediately, a research team was formed by the Criminal Security Sector, which arrested the perpetrator in record time, and confronting him, he admitted and admitted that he had paid one stab to the victim in the chest that led to her death, and accordingly, the accused was referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures against him.

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