Police deportation centers are overcrowded with violators

Kuwait City, June 14: The Ministry of the Interior is taking urgent measures to deport violates to avoid overcrowding in Police centers.

  • The deportation prison witnesses the deportation of 200 detainees and the entry of 400 per day.
  • 1500 violators of “deportation”, including 950 men and 550 women.

The Ministry of Interior is making every effort to work on deporting violators as soon as possible, in order to avoid overcrowding in police stations or deportation prisons after they were overcrowded with violators, with the aim of establishing security and eliminating bulk and violating workers.

The ministry has implemented intensive campaigns to apprehend violators and outlaws in the past few days, under the instructions of govt authorities. [Read Also: Eid al-Adha official holidays start July 10 to 14]


Sources in the ministry stated that the recent security campaigns achieved popular satisfaction in Kuwait, especially since residency violators and criminal record holders are a source of danger to citizens and residents, explaining that all violators are dealt with in accordance with the law, regulations, and regulations, where they are referred to the General Administration of Deportation in preparation for their deportation to their country.

And taking fingerprints and handprints on them, so that they cannot return to the country again for life, as the names and fingerprints of the deportees are recorded in the passport computer of the air, sea, and land ports.

The sources pointed out that there is security coordination between the sectors of the Ministry of Interior, to ensure the success of the security plan set by the ministry to cordon off some of the previously monitored sites, explaining that no violator will escape from under the eyes of the security men and that there is a tendency to immediately deport the expatriates who have their passports, and in the case of the presence of passports In the possession of the sponsors, they are contacted to bring them, and those who do not have passports coordinate with the embassies of the deportees to obtain a travel document in the event of delays in obtaining the violator’s passport until the detention glasses are emptied in the police stations that are filled with violators of men and women, and so that overcrowding does not increase, especially And that the General Administration of Deportation has become almost full with the number of detainees.


She indicated that the number of detainees in the deportation prison reached 1,500, including 950 men and 550 women, and despite the deportation of about 12,500 expatriates since the beginning of the current year so far, the public administration for deportation is doing its best despite the limited capabilities, as it deports about 200 people per day, but enters She has in the deportation prison about 400, considering that the deportation prison is a detention prison, with the aim of deporting the deported from the country, where he will spend a period of imprisonment in preparation for his deportation.

Adil Khan

Adil Khan writes about Kuwait National News for Mykuwaits, out of Kuwait. Adil Khan is a senior reporter for Mykuwaits.com and has frequently written about the latest developments in the State of Kuwait. Adil Khan is available on Facebook at the below link, Please send in your leads and tips.
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